A great site from Carlos Alberto Monteiro.

Historical and Reference Site

 Bjorn Larsson's extensive collection of beautifully designed shipping company timetables.

POST CARDS OF SHIPS by Luis Miguel Correia 
Contacto / e-mail: m.s.funchal@gmail.com

LostLiners - Honoring the Golden Age of Ocean Travel

Specializing in early postcards from New England, especially Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachussets

Beautifully executed paintings of the Dutch Merchant Marine of the 50's & 60's.
If you love freighters, passenger ships and tugs this is the site for you.

Artist: M. Scott Visnjic,
have listed some very nice artwork for sale.

Where passenger liners & cruise ships of the past, make history.

The Finest Ocean Liner and Transportation Memorabilia Available on the Web.

Ansichtskarten Top 50

The history of the America\West Point\Australis\American Star

Ansichtskarten-Sammler-Treff in Zürich! The meetpoint for postcards collectors in Zürich!








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