A great site from Carlos Alberto Monteiro.

Historical and Reference Site

 Bjorn Larsson's extensive collection of beautifully designed shipping company timetables.

POST CARDS OF SHIPS by Luis Miguel Correia 
Contacto / e-mail: m.s.funchal@gmail.com

LostLiners - Honoring the Golden Age of Ocean Travel


Beautifully executed paintings of the Dutch Merchant Marine of the 50's & 60's.
If you love freighters, passenger ships and tugs this is the site for you.

Artist: M. Scott Visnjic,
have listed some very nice artwork for sale.

Where passenger liners & cruise ships of the past, make history.

The Finest Ocean Liner and Transportation Memorabilia Available on the Web.

Ansichtskarten Top 50

The history of the America\West Point\Australis\American Star

Ansichtskarten-Sammler-Treff in Zürich! The meetpoint for postcards collectors in Zürich!







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